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Movimiento Nomadx


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About Us

The Nomadx Foundation is a non-profit association that focuses on not only inspiring creative minds, but formalizing creative economies through a series of proprietary (openly shared) methodologies.

We do events that entertain and empower creative communities preaching that structure and health in the creative economy leads to equality, community ethics, mental health betterment, and jobs that are built out of creative passions.

... we believe in empowering the individual, to be, to create... but as any established creative knows , it's hard. For creatives it's hard to make what we love our job. We know this, have analyzed it and formed structured and validated methodologies that focus on unifying creative communities and empowering creative minds.


Nomadx ATX 2019 our 14th global event.
Steve Wozniak at NomadX 2015
Juan Pa Zurita and Kevin Jorgensson at Nomadx 2015
Tony Hawk at Nomadx 2016
Dhazia at Nomadx 2017
Having fun at Nomadx 2017
Charles Ans at Nomadx 2018
People at Nomadx 2017
Jose Madero at Nomadx 2018
Rodney Mullen at Nomadx 2018