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Himes LLC



About Us

At Himes clothing brand, we’re sincerely committed to combating the environmental crisis our planet faces right now. We provide workwear and daily-use clothing made from sustainable fabrics.

We strive to improve people’s lives, helping them to perform, look and feel great. We believe that people can and should feel comfortable while leading an active life.

Our mission is to ensure people’s wellbeing. We apply world-class innovation to our sustainable garments, for the protection and comfort of our customers. We help you feel at ease during your every-day activities, while giving peace of mind that your purchase contributes to the conservation of our natural environment.

Collective business decisions greatly impact the course of life on our planet. We love our home and we care about posterity. That’s why we stand for environmentally-sustainable business practices.

Himes is more than just workwear and casual clothes. We are about how people experience their lives, and how future generations will experience theirs.


Medical uniforms
The Oceans need us
Casual uniforms
Cleaning uniforms
Security uniforms
Corporate Uniforms
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