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In 1984, Jaime and Elvira moved to a small space in East Austin and borrowed machinery to start their own tortilla factory. Their mission was simple, yet ahead of its time - produce 5-ingredient flour tortillas without additives or preservatives. The couple delivered fresh, warm, soft tortillas to grocery stores nearly every day, which eliminated the need for extended shelf life.Fiesta Tortillas expanded and grew over the years alongside the Picos family with the addition of Alvaro, Luis and Natalia. Jaime’s parents moved to Austin and joined the team. While other Austin tortilla factories failed, Fiesta Tortillas continues the thrive.

With over 100 employees, Jaime personally greets his staff everyday and continues to put family first. Three generations of Picos members work alongside each other - continuing to build community - one tortilla at a time.


Fiesta Tortillas Family

Rep/Contact Info

Rosie Mendoza CPA
Chief Financial Officer
  • Phone: (512) 731-9805
Alvaro Picos
  • Phone: (512) 299-0766
Jaime Picos
  • Phone: (512) 389-0389
Luis Picos
  • Phone: (512) 351-0294
Natalia Picos
Accounts Payable Clerk
  • Phone: (512) 389-0389