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Micro Daily is a Micronutrient product that was created after 9/11 by some doctors and scientists who the DOD contracted with.The Micronutrients are comprised of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and other constituents that are essential for normal growth, metabolism and physical well being. They have been proven to repair double strand DNA strands and have helped many of our military members who have been in war environments The Micronutrients support healthy immune function and joint and tissue health. Protect your tissues and systems from oxidative stress while supporting the ability to fight aging and boosting energy and healthy sleep patterns etc have 7 patents including but not limited to a patent for Diabetes, Heart and Pulmonary Health, Hearing Health, Protection of our cells from ionizing radiation (the kind from some cell phones and computers etc) and 3 more patents. This is the ONLY supplement that was created to WORK NOT to sell. It was created for our men and women in the military to protect them and keep them healthy during the most adverse conditions ie War. My story is that I broke my shoulder in 4 places in Nov of 2014 and had surgery Dec 2014. My Orthopedic doctors told me that it would take 12 weeks for me to get better and I started taking the Micronutrients 3 weeks after surgery. When I went for my 6 week checkup my Orthopedic Doctor said my bones were healed already. When I went in 3 mo ago so he could check my range of motion he was very surprised that I had full range of motion and am 65 yr. I want to help you and your family get your health back

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