Austin Roofing and Construction



About Us

The roofing & construction industry has been a part of our Texas family for 3 generations. When we started Austin Roofing and Construction we decided that we would be the catalyst for change in our industry. Trust us the model was in dire need of updating :) We wanted to create a blueprint, a different paradigm, for roofing companies in Texas.

" Local People Helping Local People "

An Austin, Texas roofing company donating free roofs & assisting you by being On-Time & On-Budget while making your property safe, secure & beautiful.

Our Promises

1: We will take care of our employees. We provide health, vision & dental insurance, phones, trucks, gas & paid time off.

2: No one works at our company for less than $19 per hour.

3: We will not storm chase or door knock to solicit business. Through effective online placement we are there when a potential client needs us.

4: We will give back to the community. We have always given back and you can find a list in our Community page.